We Help Drive  Your Business

Its Simple!

We provide, build, deploy custom business applications. We make software  application tailored for your business needs!  CNK Dynamics helps you cut down delivery time using our Zavin platform; a set of business components, services and deployment environment. Our tools can be deployed  in a cloud environment or on-premise.  It also includes developer-friendly Web-API for developers which gives you the freedom to automate your business when you need it.


You can deploy one or many applications across user roles and lines of business. This helps improve and simplify business functions. Resulting to productive use of business process.

Fast Deployment

The rapid deployment solution features pre-packaged business application components which gives value across multiple business functions that can be deployed quickly and easily.


Zavin includes a Web API which allows access to business data. This enables developers to write applications to their preferred tools.

Cost Effective

Zavin platform provides customers with relevant and effective tool. And with our easy and simple delivery process, you get a fast and affordable business solution.

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